Martin Carvajal and Ben Ferencz, the designers of the men’s clothing and accessories brand FairEnds, live in New York and Missoula, Mont., respectively. This duality shows through in their fun and functional backpacks, bags, hats and shirts — the sort of urbane yet outdoorsy pieces that feel equally at home on Rivington Street or the Ruby River.



Partner of Grenco Science and entertainment icon and with more than 20 years in the business, Snoop continues to pave the way in the hip-hop industry, serving as a mentor to many new and established artists. Being the trendsetter he is, Snoop stands at the forefront of popular culture with award-winning and multi-platinum albums and songs, critically acclaimed films and television shows, lifestyle products, philanthropic efforts and digital ventures, including his YouTube original series “GGN News”.


Brandon Biebel spends over 200 days on the road on tours for his sponsors such as Red Bull, Lakai Footwear, FTC, Dakine & Girl Skateboards. When Biebel is not on the road, or crashing at his Los Angeles condo, he is proud to call Sacramento, California home. Turning professional for Girl Skateboards in 2002 Biebel, has already released over 100 different pro model designs plus has a signature series of wheels, headphone, clothing, trucks, bearings, hardware and shoes.




Rising from inauspicious beginnings in Philly's roughest neighborhoods, professional skateboarder and entrepreneur Stevie Williams used talent and a tireless work ethic to transform adversity into triumph. His ability on a skateboard earned him a spot on Transworld's "30 Most Influential Skaters of All Time." His business intuition and unstoppable drive landed him at the helm of legendary skateboard company DGK before going on to found his own successful clothing line, Asphalt Yacht Club. 


Moving between realms, designer Taz Arnold touches on life with a distinct sense of elegance and sophistication to become the bearer of a new creative force within the world. The TI$A brand provides an unparalleled experience that has never been seen before, utilizing color with intelligence and great detail to form a unique and innovative approach to style. The brand effortlessly combines mediums of art, design and fashion creating a place where love, global harmony and oneness can be the new vogue.


MobbDeep Queensbridge, Queens, NY

Mobb Deep is an American hip hop duo from Queensbridge, Queens, New York, U.S., that consists of Havoc and Prodigy. The duo is "one of the most critically acclaimed hardcore East Coast Hip-Hop groups." The group is best known for its dark, hardcore delivery as exemplified by the single "Shook Ones Pt. II." Mobb Deep has become one of the most successful rap duos in hip hop, having sold over three million records.


Brisk is a one of a kind iced tea brand known for it's bold, expressive, and creative personality.  With a combination of intense flavors & uniquely vibrant packaging, Brisk never fails to deliver a bold hit of refreshment.



Money Mark is the alias of Mark Ramos-Nishita, a keyboardist whose funky, retro-flavored riffs earned him the unofficial title of the fourth Beastie Boy. Born in Detroit to a Japanese-Hawaiian father and a Chicano mother, Nishita moved to the West Coast when he was six; some years later, he hooked up with the Dust Brothers production team and began overdubbing keyboards for the Delicious Vinyl label. While working as a handyman, Nishita accepted a job repairing the Beastie Boys' Silverlake, CA, home; soon, he became a pivotal member of the group's Grand Royal posse and performed on both 1992's Check Your Head and 1994's Ill Communication.


Paul Hibler has been in the food-service business for more than 25 years, and can still be found tossing dough at his Pitfire Artisan Pizza restaurants and collaborating with culinarians through his American Gonzo Food Corporation restaurant group. His career in the hospitality world took off in 1989 when he and David Sanfield started Deluxe Catering, a motion picture catering company. Three hundred film sets later, Hibler and Sanfield had served clients such as Steven Spielberg and James Cameron for movies filmed around the globe.

Hibler and Sanfield opened Pitfire North Hollywood in 1997. Hibler’s personal love for pizza took the concept to the next level and was instrumental to introducing
Angelenos to a new brand of artisan pizza restaurants. Hibler strived to heighten guest enjoyment by designing one-of-a-kind spaces that encouraged a communal dining experience. Each restaurant serves as a case study for up-and-coming designers to showcase their talents and build something around the wood-fired pizza oven that adds to the Pitfire brand. “In addition to watching over the food, I’m completely focused on the culture I’m building inside the company, and it all starts with the right design.”



Machinima is the dominant video entertainment network for young males around the world. Serving more than 2.4 billion monthly video views and reaching over 200 million uniques each month, Machinima is one of the top entertainment networks on YouTube. 

Bruce Greene:
Host and Producer of INSIDE GAMING, one of the internet's most-watched daily news shows. 

With over 2.5 million subs and 260mm lifetime views, Jerome Aceti, better known as JeromeASF, is a top gaming personality on YouTube known primarily for Minecraft gameplay, "Let's Play" journeys, and "Minigame" explorations.  

MinecraftUniverse / TEAM CRAFTED:
Real name Jason Probst, is a centralized Minecraft YouTube channel featuring mini games, adventure maps, survival modes, and walkthroughs, and recently surpassed the impressive 2 million subscriber mark and has over 204 million lifetime views. 



Confronting the most private request through the most public of platforms, Kulig’s manifesto-like campaign offers an open-ended proclamation for the viewer to decipher it as demand, question, or plea. Inviting and enticing the public, though ultimately, presenting an experience for the individual.

Since 2005, “Love Me” has deftly jumped from iconic billboards and street corners to bronze sculpture, scintillating neons, large-scale canvas and ubiquitous prints; in cities ranging from New York to London, Istanbul to Los Angeles, Tokyo to Berlin. Brands collaborations with Kulig include Colette, DKNY, LeSportsac, Obey and Vans among others, making him internationally distinguished in both the fine art and commercial domain.

Kulig continues to bring his aesthetic imprint into the Contemporary Art sphere by pushing his staple scripture past the city-oriented domain and into visually-rapt, contextually absolute forms.
He has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, among others and most recently was a featured artist for Chanel's Artist Award for the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival.



JordySmith Durban, South Africa

CI Rider Profile: Jordy Smith 
Born: February 2, 1988
Local Spot: New Pier, Durban
Height x Weight: 6’3″ x 190lbs
Favorite Waves: New Pier, J-Bay, Snapper and Mozam
Favorite Maneuvers: Barrels and airs
Boards: 6’1 1/2 x 19 1/4 x 2 5/8 Flyer, 6’2 1/2 x 19 1/4 x 2 5/8 Rookie, 6’1 1/2 x 19 3/8 x 2 5/8 DFR
Traction: Jordy Smith 3 Piece Arch Pad
Sponsors: Channel Islands Surfboards, O’Neill wetsuits and clothing, Oakley Eyewear, Red Bull energy drinks, Neff headwear, Future fins and Vestal watches
Food: Mom’s home cooking

Not since Shaun Tomson (or Martin Pottz, depending on who you ask), has South Africa had such a shining and tenacious World Title hopeful to entrust its dreams to. On February 2, 1988, a curly-haired boy named Jordan Smith entered the world with a hunger that would never abate and a thirst that would make him great. On a diet of home-cooked meals from mom Luellen and sneaky McDonalds snacks from pops Graham, a dominating and athletic 6'2" frame came into shape. Luckily, the longer limbs didn't result in awkwardness, but added power to the kid's physique.


With a dedicated team focused on the progression of fashion through visual inspirations and the provision of knowledge, Hypebeast's devotion and commitment has made it one of the premiere online destinations for editorially driven commerce and news. Spanning a comprehensive range of both styles and brands, from streetwear to high-end and from established to well-known, the Hypebeast editorial team has sought to make a positive contribution to one of culture's most important creative mediums.

Hypebeast's daily news section has become an important destination for those interested in the latest developments within the fashion community as well as other aspects of culturally-relevant content such as art, music, design and lifestyle. Several consistent marquee features have provided Hypebeast readers with a unique vantage point into the industry. Among the most prominent ongoing features include ESSENTIALS (a look into the daily essentials of several important creatives within the industry), PROCESS (an account from start to finish of how products are created) and PEN & PAPER (an intimate look into the sketchbook of an artist).



Kimmy Fasani:

Fearlessly flying where no woman has gone before, Kimmy Fasani can lay claim to double backflip innovation in both park & powder, solidifying her spot at the forefront of progression. Kimmy grew up shredding massive park transitions, a flair that helped her nab the 2011 Ms. Superpark standout award, along with parts in 2011 and 2012 Standard Films releases. Added to her accolades was the honor of becoming the fifth female athlete ever to grab a Transworld cover. Sidetracked last season by a knee injury, Kimmy stayed productive in 2013 by helping develop the women’s Day Trader and Anti-Social Family Tree boards, as well as [ak] outerwear. Kimmy also supported her community of female rippers by hosting the B4BC Shred the Love and Amusement Park Ladies Progression Session events at Mammoth. 


Jussi Oksanen:

Style, consistency and power—Jussi Oksanen has stomped so many backcountry video bangers that even his heaviest riding looks like second nature. With over a decade of experience settling kickers with tricks that fried many VCR’s rewind buttons, Jussi’s freestyle wisdom includes multiple Standard Films, Robot Food, Mack Dawg, and Burton video appearances, plus Winter X Games medals and podiums at marquee events like the Air and Style. Grounded by being a father of two, and an awareness of how fun his “job” really is, Jussi is a clutch player in any serious session, calmly slaying and supporting his film crew all the while. Jussi’s influence can be felt firsthand in the Process snowboard and [ak] outerwear, which he thoroughly tested while filming for the new Burton Presents – BACKCOUNTRY (Snowboarding) video and his silver medal-winning X Games Real Snow Backcountry part.



Jeremy Jones:

On the video grind for over 16 years, Jeremy Jones’ legend is equal parts innovation and dedication. From his first Kingpin appearance in 1997, through cover shots and iconic parts in Forum and Mack Dawg movies, Jeremy set the precedent for all-terrain ripping—taking apart rail setups, stacked cliffs, and backcountry kickers without discrimination. An early pioneer of modern urban snowboarding, Jeremy’s physics-defying output has defined and redefined what’s possible every season, setting a pace that riders half his age are still chasing. Lending his creativity to groundbreaking products like the Parkitect board, Diode EST bindings, and [ak] outerwear is all part of the job description, just like dropping hammers while filming for the new Burton Presents – STREET (Snowboarding) video.


Omar Johnson is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Beats Electronics LLC, managing all brand marketing, advertising and communications efforts. Under Omar's guidance, the Beats brand has increasingly become a force to be reckoned with, recently displacing Bose as the U.S. market leader in premium $100+ music headphones with year-over-year sales increasing 300% from 2009 to 2010 and on-target for another forecast-breaking year in 2011.


At Beats, Johnson applies extensive expertise across brand development, advertising, retail execution, entertainment and sports marketing, influencer youth outreach, social media, digital execution and branded content. Managing a portfolio of more than a dozen audio products, Johnson works to elevate conversation about Beats and music above the typical fray about wattage and decibels and strives to educate consumers about the emotion of sound, and the importance of using premium headphones to recapture the music listening experience that artists intend for their fans.



Luke Wood, President & COO, Beats Electronics LLC

Luke Wood is President and Chief Operating Officer of Beats Electronics LLC, parent company of the Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ line of premium headphones, speakers, Beats Audio™ software and Vice Chairman of the Beats Music digital music service.

Wood has been involved with Beats since its infancy phase as part of his tenure at Interscope Records, officially joining the company in February 2011 to build on the brand’s momentum created under co-founders Jimmy Iovine and legendary producer Dr. Dre, and to expand the company’s audio quality expertise into new products and services.  Wood oversees all global operations for the brand including manufacturing, product development, marketing and sales.


Jimmy Iovine, the Chairman of Universal Music Group’s Interscope Geffen A&M Records unit, is regarded as both a legendary figure in the music industry as well as a forward-thinking visionary.

The Brooklyn-born Iovine’s four-decade career began when he was just out of his teens. As a recording engineer, he found himself in the studio with John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen (Born To Run, Darkness On The Edge Of Town) before setting his sights on being a producer. Building on what he’d learned from the masters, he helped Patti Smith (Easter), Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Damn The Torpedoes), and U2 (Rattle & Hum) -- all current Rock and Roll Hall of Famers -- achieve career breakthroughs. He also produced Stevie Nicks first solo album (Bella Donna) as well as albums for Dire Straits (Making Movies) and The Pretenders (Get Close).


Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre is regarded as modern music’s greatest perfectionist. “We go until it happens,” he told the Los Angeles Times of his work ethic in the studio, which has paid off in over a billion dollars in sales of his productions and performances. Critically and commercially acclaimed, Dre has built a signature sound that is instantly recognizable whether he’s working with Eminem or Burt Bacharach. 


Power is an American entrepreneur, producer, and actor. He is credited as creating the hip hop group, Wu-Tang Clan. As Executive Producer of all Wu-Tang Clan albums solo and collective, Power helped brand “Wu-Tang” , Wu-Tang Brand (Wu-Tang clothing company). He is the original founder and CEO of Wu Wear clothing and stores.



RZA (born July 5, 1969), is an American music producer, multi-instrumentalist, author, rapper,  actor, director, and screenwriter. A prominent figure in hip hop, RZA  is the de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan. He has produced almost all of Wu-Tang Clan's albums as well as many Wu-Tang solo and affiliate projects. He has also released solo albums under the alter-ego Bobby Digital, along with executive producing credits for side projects. 


Method Man (born March 2, 1971), is an American rapper, record producer, actor and member of the hip hop collective Wutang Clan. He took his stage name from the 1979 film The Fearless Young Boxer, also known as Method Man. He is one half of the rap duo Method Man & Redman. He won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for I'll Be There for You/You're All I Need to Get By" with Mary J Blige. 


DonLetts London

Don Letts’ reputation has been firmly established in both the film and music world by a substantial body of work from the late 70's through the 80's, 90’s and well into the millennium. His work has been exhibited in The Kitchen N.Y.C, The Institute of Contemporary Art, The N.F.T in London and was honoured at Brooklyn’s BAM festival and The Milan Film festival.  In March 2003 he won a Grammy for his documentary ‘Westway To The World’.

He came to notoriety in the late 70's as the DJ that single handedly turned a whole generation of punks onto reggae. It was whilst as a d.j at the first punk club 'The Roxy' in 1977, that Don adopted the punk D.I.Y ethic and begun to make his first film 'The Punk Rock Movie'. Shot on Super-8mm it is the only documentary on the U.K punk scene w/ Sex Pistols-The Clash and many others. This led to a period directing over 300 music videos for a diverse range of artists.


Independent rap icon & producer El-P remains firmly at the center of cutting-edge music well into his second decade in the game, with 2012 & 2013 having seen him produce 3 of the most critically acclaimed and fan-celebrated releases in the genre. From his current project, Run the Jewels, with Killer Mike (Fool’s Gold) to last year’s solo album Cancer 4 Cure (Fat Possum), to Killer Mike’s debut album, R.A.P. Music (Adult Swim), El-P has continued to deliver his singular form of muscular boom bap and lyrical mastery, and bring his one of a kind live show to audiences worldwide.

Recent highlights include the hugely successful Run the Jewels summer tour (2013), a remix for Queens of the Stone Age, his track “Request Denied” featured on the global trailer for the Jason Statham/Jennifer Lopez film, Parker (2013), and signing onto to co-executive produce the new VLTRN project.  He also recently released the 1st music video, ‘36” Chain” from Run the Jewels featuring Killer Mike, Mr. Killums, Andrew WK, Amber Tamblyn and more…


ErikBrunetti Phillipsburg, NJ

Erik Brunetti's body of work spans over the course of more than 2 decades. From his modest beginnings as a young graffiti writer to his rise as a pivotal street wear industry figure, having created FUCT -- one of the most influential brands of said subculture -- Brunetti has always maintained a sense of self, channeling his raw talent, rebellious nature and astute observations throughout all of his undertakings. Brunetti's distinct, and often obscure references are a recurring theme in his work, which could be described as caliginous and risqué -- yet also extremely precise and analytical. His affection for political theory and current affairs lends further elements of danger and turbulance to his art, frequently compared to that of the Situationist International movement.

TheClash London, England

Formed in 1976 in the vanguard of British punk, The Clash would soon become the most iconic rock band of their era, a symbol of intelligent protest and stylish rebellion in the turbulent years of the late ’70s and early ’80s. Just as importantly, they were to become unflinching musical pioneers, integrating first militant reggae, then dub, funk, jazz and hip hop into their music, which has helped to make them one of the most respected and sampled bands by modern DJs and dance musicians. 

Eventually cracking the Top 10 in America in 1982, before splitting three years later, they were to leave behind an extraordinary recorded legacy comprising four single albums -  ‘The Clash’ (1977), ‘Give ’Em Enough Rope’ (1978), Combat Rock (1982) and ‘Cut The Crap’ (1985) – a magnificent double in their legendary ‘London Calling’ (1979) voted album of the decade by Rolling Stone magazine and a controversial, experimental and musically diverse triple – ‘Sandinista!’ (1980).



Mike is the Art Director and head creative for Brisk, responsible for rebuilding the brand from the ground up by co-founding and launching the revolutionary "refreshing artists" packaging series in 2010. He began his design career as a member of the legendary SoBe In-House Crew back in 2001, and eventually went on to enjoy acclaim as a designer and art director for brands Mountain Dew and AMP as well. A fanatical t-shirt designer, collector and worshipper, and inspired by the style and substance of Jersey Shore surf and skate shops of his youth, Mike founded his own brand, Full Thrown Magic in 2004.


Andrew Thiele is a graphic designer and artist based out of New York CIty. He founded Artek Creative Inc where he started working with fashion / music start-ups and now collaborates with such clients as ESPN, Adidas, Pepsi Co., and Universal Records to name a few. In addition to his client work, he also pursues his own personal artwork where he has been doing various shows and commissions. He is continuing to develop his graphic language and hopes to inspire others with his work.



Matt has worked at VICE Media for over seven years, founding and directing the company's design department, whose work has garnered many awards over the years. He is a graduate of the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Russ New York, NY

Ruslan Karablin, better known as SSUR©, has been an endless personage in New York City's downtown art scene for two decades. Born in Soviet Union Ukraine, Karablin immigrated in 1975 to Coney Island, Brooklyn, at age five. The SSUR© manifesto encompasses popular culture, hip-hop, eclectic music, Russian heritage, the Black Hand, social consciousness, and revolutionary iconography. SSUR© injects a championing of the anti-hero in the modern urban myth.


UNKNWN Miami, Florida

Unknwn is a modern lifestyle store & platform for designers, trends & social interaction for the person that is at home all over the world.

Jaron Kanfer, Operations Director & co-owner of Unknwn, specializes in brand consulting & financial strategy.

Frankie Walker is a co-owner of Unknwn. Long time athlete & sports insider, Frankie has worked with EA Sports, Sprite & Coca Cola on several campaigns for the LeBron James brand. With a vision to re-define the market place, Frankie has established great relationships in the sports world & looks to fuse these strengths with the business of fashion.

Chris Julian, a co-owner & creative director of Unknwn, co-founded Fruition Las Vegas in 2005 & has since worked with designers Kanye West, Jeremy Scott & Dov Charney. Chris looks to re-imagine the retail landscape through authenticity & innovation.

LeBron James, a co-owner of Unknwn, is the world's premiere athlete'. LeBron is an NBA  champion, 4x MVP & Olympic Gold medalist.  Off the court, James has modernized the sports industry thus making him one of the top 5 highest paid athletes in the world. 


Jen Stark is a contemporary visual artist whose kaleidoscopic artwork brings to mind fractals, rainbows, geodes and topographic maps. Although Stark is most recognized for her paper sculptures she has explored a variety of media including wood, drawing and animation. Her ideas are based on replication and infinity as well as hypnotic, optical designs that mimic mandalas and sacred objects. Using her vivid imagination and an X-acto knife, she is a modern day magician who transforms humble materials like construction paper and glue into fantastic, intricate sculptures that mesmerize the eye. Her optically and methodologically baffling sculptures, animations and drawings gather inspiration from plants, outer space, microscopic designs in nature, color, math and science.



BryanRayTurcotte Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco transplant to Los Angeles, Bryan spent his twenty’s on the road with his band while managing to hold down his job at the legendary independent punk record label Slash. He started publishing company Kill Your Idols in 1999 and won the 2000 Firecracker Award for his debut book Fucked Up + Photocopied: Instant Art of the Punk Movement. Post No Bills Shepard Fairey, Punk Is Dead Punk Is Everything, Metro, Ask The Angels, Seven Years with Rhymesayers, 101 Essential Rock LPs and Message Sage Vaughn would follow. Fucked Up + Photocopied celebrates 15 years in 2014 and will launch a limited edition printing. As an artist Bryan has exhibited all around the world with his own brand of chaotic punk designs mixed with vintage posters, photos, set lists and fanzines. He has produced designs for iconic brands such as Converse, Levi’s, Blood Is The New Black, Hysteric Glamour and Ray Bans to name a few. Bryan co owns Beta Petrol and Ruby Records, a music supervision company and independent record
label. His debut into film making starts with a series of short documentary films for The Museum Of Contemporary Art. ‘The Art Of Punk’ to be released June 2013.

CapitalCities Los Angeles, CA

Capital Cities create buoyantly melodic synth-pop gems that are stubbornly positive in a world that sometimes feels terminally bummed. “Safe and Sound” the first single from the Los Angeles duo’s self-titled debut EP for Capitol Records, is uplifting, sincere, catchy, and, like all their songs, full of heart. Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian sing in unison: “You could be my luck. Even if the sky is falling down, I know that we’ll be safe and sound” — offering up an inviting message of hope.




D*Face is a prolific contemporary urban artist. Working with a variety of mediums and techniques, he uses a family of dysfunctional characters to satirise and hold to ransom all that falls into their grasp – a welcome jolt of subversion in today’s media-saturated environment.

In 2005 D*Face set up the gallery 'StolenSpace', which continues to be Londons foremost contemporary urban art gallery.  He is one of Britain's leading "newbrow" artists, and damn if he isn't as sharp and clever - if not quite as surreptitious - as Banksy (and sharper and cleverer by half than Damien Hirst.) - Peter Frank.


PeanutButterWolf Los Angeles, CA

Those who try to pigeonhole Stones Throw Records' catalog are almost guaranteed to get it wrong. Even at Stones Throw's inception, DJ and label boss Peanut Butter Wolf (born Chris Manak) probably wouldn’t have guessed that a tiny hip-hop label born in the Bay Area a decade and a half ago could become a tastemaker, risk taker and archaeological site for genres that included shoegaze, soul and psychedelia. From innovative MCs and producers such as Madlib to retro-styled newcomers such as the Stepkids, no two artists here sound alike.  - Nate Jackson, LA Times, December 22, 2011  www.StonesThrow.com



REBEL8 founder Joshy D. met Mike Giant in the late 1990’s in San Francisco’s then bustling graffiti scene. Joshy ran the popular graffiti website, HiFiArt, and Giant was one of the city’s most notorious writers. Years later, after a couple of brews, a few tattoos, and plenty of joints, Joshy approached Giant about creating a handful of t-shirt graphics. With $500, Joshy printed a small run of tees and sold them out of a messenger bag around the city. REBEL8 was born.



A native New Yorker, award winning music video and commercial director, Jake Davis has revolutionized fashion films by shooting some of the most stylish and beautiful people around the world. Jake's work has been showcased by Nowness, GQ, Hypebeast, T Magazine, Elle, Style.com and more.  He was recently named one of CNNCTD’s 100 Most Influential New Yorkers at the New Museum and one of the 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers by Complex Magazine.  As a director, Jake shoots videos for hip-hop superstars like Drake, Wiz Khalifa, and ASAP Rocky, as well as indie favorites The Walkmen and Vanessa Carlton.  On the commercial side, the NYU film graduate is one of the most sought after fashion filmmakers with spots and campaigns for Nike, Supreme, Converse, New Balance, Woolrich, K-Swiss, Billy Reid, Unis, Union, Boast, Sebago, Delvaux, Barney’s, Gilt, JNBY, Wool And The Gang, and FiveStory. His clients not only seek his cinematic touch but also unique creative direction from the filmmaker.  As part of what the The New York Times calls "A New Breed of Fashion Bloggers," Jake curates the coolest and most unique menswear on his namesake blog, which has an incredible influence and penetration throughout the industry.




Brendon Babenzien, Design Director of Supreme for 12+years, Runner.  Not in a position to judge anyones work but will do if asked politely.

EdisonChen&KevinPoon Hong Kong, China

Edison Chen is a multi-talented artist who starts his entertainment career in acting and singing since 2000. With his love in hip hop music style, he has produced a number of top hits which reflect the local Hong Kong culture. Bringing his career to another level, he established CMD (CLOT MEDIA DIVISION LIMITED) which focuses on artiste management, music production and record publishing. He also established CLOT, the leading fashion and lifestyle brand in Hong Kong.

Kevin Poon is a co-founder of CLOT Inc. After graduating from university with a degree in finance, he worked in the international department of Interscope Records, where he developed expertise in brand consulting and retail design. His current job as Managing Director of CLOT includes controlling the budget and cash flows as well as organizing some of the hottest venues in town. He has made the most of the opportunities his work has opened up to position himself as a pioneer of Asian street culture.


BURTON Whistler, British Columbia

Renaissance man Mark Sollors earned his recent notoriety the proper way, starting with Sandbox then holding it down on any and all terrain in his debut major movie release, the 2010 Transworld video, In Color. Handling everything from Whistler backcountry to urban terrain, Sollors’ video part helped him grab the prized 2011 Transworld Rookie of the Year award. But Mark was just warming up.
A committed Canucks hockey fan, mustache farmer, and Grenade Games “Most Radical Dude” complete with a complimentary Camaro, Mark is still one of the most humble guys in snowboarding. Yet during the 2011-12 season, he landed on the cover of Snowboard Canada’s Buyer’s Guide, impressed with a badass part in Burton’s Standing Sideways and represented in his effort for X Games Real Snow Backcountry. He also added more horsepower to the garage, taking home a Kawasaki KX250F dirt bike for winning the Ruckus in the Rockies. Once again, his winter was spent filming deep in the BC backcountry and the result is visible in Burton’s latest film, 13.

BURTON PRO RIDER Highland, Michigan

We all think we know Danny Davis. But the Truckee local and unofficial FREND spokesperson keeps us all guessing with a freeform character that blends elements of superpipe gypsy and backcountry hippy. What surprised everyone last season—except those who tracked his first underdog rise—was a rapid return to contention. In 2012 Danny reached the finals at the Legendary Banked Slalom, qualified second at the US Open and took second at the European Open—displaying the talent and the charge that brought him from the icy hometown hills of Michigan to the all-time pipe runs and big backcountry booters of top-tier pro snowboarding. Through it all, he has never wandered from the relaxed style and soulful vibe that has earned him countless fans worldwide.




Steve Aoki, the DJ/Producer, among many traits also founded his own label, Dim Mak Records, in 1996. The label has released music by other electro house artists such as Datsik, Infected Mushroom, Dada Life, Zeds Dead, his own collaboration with Tiesto, MSTRKRFT, The Bloody Beetroots, Felix Cartal and Mustard Pimp, as well as by Bloc Party, Battles, The Kills, The Gossip, Klaxons, Scanners, Whitey, and Mystery Jets to name a few. The label has released over 250 records so far.

Aoki’s latest solo album, “Wonderland” was released January 2012 and features guest vocalists and musicians LMFAO, Kid Cudi, Travis Barker, Will.I.AM aka Zuper Blahq, Wynter Gordon, Rivers Cuomo, Lil Jon, Chiddy Bang, Lovefoxxx of CSS, Big John former guitarist of the punk band The Exploited, and others. 


FriendsWithYou is the fine art collaborative of Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, working collectively since 2002 with the sole purpose of spreading the positive message of Magic, Luck, and Friendship™. As artists working in a variety of mediums, including paintings, sculpture, large-scale experiential installations, public playgrounds, published works and live performances, FriendsWithYou’s mission is to affect world culture by cultivating special moments of spiritual awareness and powerful, joyous interaction.

Forging their own brand of post pop visual language a la Murakami, Arturo Herrera and Yayoi Kusama, FWY take a spiritual and serene approach to form and figure. Their reductive and simplified use of geo¬metric abstraction always contains a whimsical touch. Taking Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics to heart and hand, the artists make art of the post-Internet era. Alongside the body of works of Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami and Damien Hirst, FriendsWithYou is a new breed of artist, actively generating culture beyond the traditional art boundaries and reshaping the current contemporary art scene. 


Nitrolicious New York, NY

Founded in February 2006 by Wendy, the nitro:licious blog has created a global readership through content that transcends cultures and language. Expanding on content to cover lifestyle and events, Wendy and nitro:licious embraces the concept of fashion as all encompassing. Adding in a splash of personal life with a dash of food and beauty, nitro:licious brings to life “dress:eat:play:sleep” and invites readers into her fast-paced and fascinating world. “dress:eat:play:sleep” and invites readers into her fast-paced and fascinating world.


Gilt Groupe New York, NY

Jared Flint is Art Director of Gilt Groupe. Previously, Jared was Online Director at Antenna Magazine. Prior to that, he was Senior Men’s Market Editor at Nylon and Nylon Guys. Jared has consulted for brands such as Levi’s, Pepsi, Kangol, the Gansevoort Hotel, Dockers and Kanon Vodka. In addition, he has done freelance writing for sites such as Men.Style.com, VMan.com, Complex.com and VH1.com, as well as magazines such as Monocle and Man of the World. Jared has a BA in History from the University of Hawaii.


The Hundreds Los Angeles, CA

Bobby Hundreds is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of The Hundreds. As an illustrator, designer, writer, and photographer, he does a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing.


huf-dbc SF

HUF-founder Keith Hufnagel grew up skateboarding in the gritty streets of New York City's late-80s.  Brought up by the very 'DIY' approach that came along with skateboarding, Hufnagel saw an opportunity to give back to that same community which had raised him, and opened a small boutique in 2002 on an offbeat block of San Francisco's Tenderloin District.  He named the shop HUF, and over the past decade HUF has exploded into one of the most important and legendary skate lifestyle brands.



Pele Brazil

Today, in a world of 7 billion people, soccer is the foremost sport and Pelé (Edson Arantes do Nascimento) remains at the center of "the beautiful game"—Universally recognized and respected in every corner of the globe.

Pelé started his professional career at the age of 16 for Santos Futebol Clube, a club he stayed with for nearly two decades. In 1958, he won his first World Cup for Brazil at age 17 – the youngest winner ever. He went on to win another two World Cups in 1962 and 1970, making him the only person in the world today with three Jules Rimet trophies to his name. Not only is Pelé the all-time leading scorer of Santos FC and the Brazil National Team, but he is the all-time leading scorer in the history of the sport (1282 goals in 1366 matches). In 1974, Pelé signed with the New York Cosmos for the 1975-1977 seasons and led his team to the 1977 NASL championship.

Named one of the "Top 20 Most Important People of the 20th Century" (Time Magazine) and "Football Player of the Century" (FIFA), Pelé today maintains his commitment to the sport and to society by fulfilling various roles as spokesperson, ambassador and philanthropist.


Years after the zombie apocalypse ravaged the galaxy, Major Lazer went into isolation after bringing peace and order to Earth. With the help of a mysterious shadow government called Cinco he was cryogenically frozen as a safeguard for the future’s wellbeing. Despite a great many years of pursuing peace on the planet, a new threat began to loom on the horizon and the commando was brought out of sleep by the Committee of Five. This intergalactic group faced an opponent that only Major Lazer could defend against: his former superior and commander General Rubbish. Rubbish had come out of deep space hiding with a new weapon...Terror Lazor and was set out to enslave and capture all of Earth's allies to seize inter-galactic planetary control and then destroy Earth. With dwindling resources to defend Earth and it’s allies, the Committee of Five brought Major Lazer out of cryogenic slumber. He was assigned a partner, the female assassin known only as Knife Fight. Together they set out to FREE THE UNIVERSE, beginning on the fortuitous date of APRIL 15 2013. 


Krink NYC

An innovator in the art supply industry, Krink offers high-quality products designed and used by artists. Starting out as a staple in street culture, Krink has grown dramatically, embodying a diverse creative culture and offering products for artists of all types. Working in art and design projects worldwide, Craig "KR" Costello developed Krink due to his dissatisfaction with what the market had to offer. Many styles of Krink markers remain unsurpassed in today's market in both design and capability.

DRx Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Romanelli aka DRx is the notorious Los Angeles-based cultural clothing alchemist. His skills lie in his consummate craft and vision when applying his surgical spirit to the doctoring of what he calls, "personalization customization". A singular aesthetic vision where his collaborations are a cut and sew approach re-imagining items into an inimitable DRx collectors object. From limited edition clothing to furniture and toys, DRx reconstructs the world's cultural fashion archives with his signature creative prescriptions and has worked with an inspired and diverse range of collaborators, from some of the world's most iconic luxury fashion brands to the most underground boutiques and cutting edge labels.



MISHKA—born in Brooklyn, raised in Hell—has been a streetwear fixture since 2003. Founded by Mikhail Bortnik and Greg Rivera, MISHKA began as a company that made cool t-shirts. It has since grown into a lifestyle brand that has created its own culture.