Blank You Very Much

We blank iconic brands
and challenge you to design
them in a new way.

BYVM Items

Contest Opens

BYVM partners with iconic brands to launch design competitions for amazing prizes and the opportunity to showcase your work.

The Public Critiques

After the design round, the submission goes to the public and the BYVM community for critiquing. The very best designs will be recognized site-wide and printed on our custom blanks in highly limited quantities.

People Choice Award

The people's choice award is given to the design that receives the highest overall score during the public critique.

Judges Choice Award

Each of our judges are iconic athletes, historical figures, artists, tastemakers, creative executives, or trendsetters in their industry. For each competition the judges choose from the entire field of submissions to reward one talented designer with an extraordinary grand prize.

Limited Edition Products

You want it, we print it. Both the Judges Choice and Peoples choice designs are printed on limited edition custom cut Blanks.


Become a design champion by winning a Blank You Vey Much design contest - not only will you receive an amazing prize, but you will become a legend in the BYVM community.